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Comments from former attendees


Dr John Lyftogt, Christchurch, 3 months after Feb 2003 workshop
“Prolotherapy has taken off like a rocket with some amazing results. ….. from painful bunions to achilles tendon problems to neck pain and migraine. I now feel confident in offering patients this treatment modality with predicted good outcome.” 
In 2004 he said, “When it comes to prolotherapy, my clinical experience (32 years) is quite clear. This is the best treatment modality I have in my armamentarium for the treatment of pain arising from joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. (Until now) I have never been able, despite extensive training in sports medicine, manipulation, myofascial pain treatment etc to offer my patients a 'cure rate' of 80-90% for almost all their orthopaedic medical problems.
Anonymous comments at end of March 2012 workshop
“Excellent workshop” 
“Excellent hands on training.” 
“Worth Attending”
“Excellent practical demonstration of applied anatomy & injection therapy.”
Dr Peter Henderson, Gold Coast - 5 weeks after 1999 workshop
“Thank you for the quality of your workshop. I came away feeling pretty confident about it, and started treating people virtually the next day...I’ve had two spectacular successes so far - 1 knee, 1 back, and most others feel they are improving.” He told me in 2003, that the workshop was the most cost-effective medical education he’d ever done.
Dr Kin Kay Leung, Hong Kong - 2 months after 1999 workshop
“It worked well with my patients. I have made 2 miracle cures on migraine - one 20 years history of suffering!”
Dr Kathleen Wilson – 2 weeks after 2003 workshop
“Thanks for organising a great workshop. My knowledge of anatomy has soared and I am more confident (and therefore more interested!) in musculoskeletal problems already.”
Email from Dr. David Walkden-Brown 07 55435688 on 11.12.2007 (happy to receive calls re this workshop and technique)
“My partner and I are enjoying treating many patients everyday with prolotherapy. Thank you once again for teaching me such a useful procedure for treatment of such a wide range of musculoskeletal maladies. Keep up your excellent teaching work.”
Dr Thomas Choong – email 28.8.2008
“I only do musculo-skeletal medicine; and prior to Margi's course, I was already doing a lot of acupuncture, dry needling, trigger point injection etc.  I took her meticulous approach on board and started doing dry needling/trigger point injection using her technique and approach.  The result has improved many fold!  Thanks so much Margi!!!”
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